Because some underground construction issues are in fact not only Dutch, a number of COB publications are available in English. This page provides an overview.

Living document Renovation tunnels 

Many tunnels in the Netherlands need to be renovated in the coming years in order to keep them safe and adapted and smartly maintained to meet changing requirements. This raises all kinds of questions. The COB network seeks to jointly develop, combine and utilize knowledge. This includes knowledge of both organizational and technical aspects. This digital living document bundles this knowledge.

Monitoring strategy tunnels

To properly determine the civil engineering scope of the renovation, it is essential to have the best possible insight into the condition and deformation behaviour of the tunnel. To develop this knowledge, it is important to start monitoring in a more structured way, so that there is more and better data with which to conduct research. To this end, the COB network develops a monitoring strategy.

Living document Cybersecurity tunnels

Tunnel professionals often have insufficient information about the cybersecurity of their tunnel. The COB network has therefore prepared a so-called living document on this subject. This online manual enables the (tunnel) manager to assess the digital resilience of his object and to optimise the processes in the field of cybersecurity.

Structural health analysis

In order to properly determine the (civil engineering) scope of tunnel renovations in the Netherlands and Flanders, more insight is needed. The structural health analysis (SHA) of the COB gives a tunnel owner insight into the civil engineering condition of the tunnel construction. There are a number of SHA publications in English: