How can Europe safeguard its transport infrastructure capabilities while fostering economic growth and an inclusive society? Various universities, PhD students, and postdocs are working on finding solutions for the challenges the owners of the critical nodes in our infrastructure are faced with. The PhD and postdoc symposium during Technology and Research Arena (TRA) in Dublin offered a good opportunity to share research findings, discuss them, and receive feedback from peers, senior researchers, and professionals.

To strengthen collaboration between all involved parties and to get the chance to learn from each other, CEDR, NGInfra, and COB organized a European PhD and postdoc symposium on next-generation infrastructure management, which was held within the TRA in Dublin, on the 15th – 18th of April 2024.


The mission was to unite visionaries, early career researchers, asset owners, and experts in the field of transportation, to shape the future of infrastructure management in Europe (road, rail, energy, data, etc.). Through collaboration and fundamental research, we aim to create a sustainable, efficient, and connected transportation system.

Some relevant questions to be answered during the symposium were:

  • How can we predict the remaining life expectancy of our assets and installations?
  • How can we keep our tunnels safe and futureproof with challenges such as cyberattacks, new energy carriers, and climate change?
  • How to keep our assets reliable and safe with limited time, people, and skills?

Twenty students showcased their work 

Event host CEDR allows universities, PhD students, and postdocs to showcase their research work in tunneling to Europe’s major decision-makers. Twenty students applied for this ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity.  

During this event, these early career researchers had the opportunity to share their research findings, receive feedback from peers and professionals and engage with problem owners from the public, industry, and services on the TRA-trading floor. They could also build a strong cross-disciplinary network and explore and co-create solutions and initiatives to address current strategic infrastructure challenges. 

This symposium aspired to be the first in a series of events that bring together relevant postdoc and PhD researchers. Stay connected and be part of the transformation toward a modern transportation ecosystem.