Sustainable tunnel checklist

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  • Auteur: Gijzel et al.
  • Jaar: 2020


In a previous COB project, sustainability aspects for road tunnels have been identified, such as energy consumption, social participation and flexibility. In this checklist, these aspects have been translated into specific questions that can help determine how sustainable the tunnel project (new construction or renovation) is and where there are still opportunitie.

The sustainability checklist is intended for tunnel managers, engineers, contractors and all other stakeholders in the tunnel world who wish to conduct an initial exploration of the opportunities for sustainability in a tunnel project. They can receive help from the COB’s Sustainability expert team, but they can also complete the checklist themselves. The questionnaire provides a picture of the sustainability state of the tunnel and the opportunities that exist for making the project more sustainable. In addition, the checklist can structure and facilitate the discussion about sustainability in the project. Just like the sustainability team of the COB can.