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  • Document code: GKO-122.CT.02.A
  • Auteur: Beauchez Public Relations
  • Jaar: 1993


After many years of preparation and political deliberation – the report on the alignment was adopted as long ago as 1974 – the official starting signal was given for the construction of the new A22 trunk road between Alkmaar and Amsterdam/ Schiphol to the east of the Velser Tunnel on Ist March 1993.

The section of road concemed is about 11 kilometres long and runs from Uitgeest to the intersection with the A9 in the direetion of Amsterdam and Schiphol. The most expensive part of the project is the construction of a tunnel under the North Sea Canal – the Wijker Tunnel. Traffic congestion on the approaches to the Velser Tunnel has been a serious problem for many years. There have been tailbacks during weekday rush-hours and even on Sundays for visitors to the market at Beverwijk. The cause of this was the limited capacity of the Velser Tunnel, which was opened in 1957, under the North Sea Canal. The twin dual carriageways of this tunnel are unable to absorb the traffic flow, which has greatly increased over the years. Stagnation in the traffic flow results in tailbacks, an increase in road accidents and nuisance to the municipalities of Beverwijk and Velser on either side of the canal. The opening of the new A22 will solve the problem. Traffic from the north to Amsterdam/Schiphol, and vice versa, wiIl follow the new route through the Wijker Tunnel, while traffic for Haarlem and Umuiden, Velsen and Beverwijk, will use the A9 and the renovated Velser Tunnel. This document is about the Wijkertunnel.