Risk analysis for the bore tunnel builting process

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  • Document code: N510E
  • Auteur: commissie N510
  • Jaar: 1998


This document investigates and reports in a systematic way the various risks involved in the building process of a bored tunnel in soft soil conditions as present in The Netherlands. Use has been made of FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) and Event Tree and Fault Tree techniques. For every part of the building process an inventory of possible irregularities and their consequences has been made.

The consequences have been expressed in five different dimensions, viz., costs, delay, loss of quality, damage to the environment and damage to the health of people, including injuries and casualties. For the most essential part of the building process of a bored tunnel, that is the boring process itself, a more elaborate quantitative analysis has been made on the basis of an experts opinion research. This quantitative approach, of course is tentative and generic only. For every application to a project the numbers need adjustment as a result of the specific conditions of the particular project.