Fire in the Heinenoordtunnel, Lessons learned

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  • Auteur: RenĂ© de Feijter, Efectis
  • Jaar: 2015


On May 21th 2014 a truck blew out a tyre and crashed into the wall of the Heinenoordtunnel nearby Barendrecht, The Netherlands. On impact the truck instantly caught fire and slided over more than 75 meters to the lowest point of the tunnel. The Rotterdam-Rijnmond Fire Department, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (owner of the tunnel) and Efectis Netherlands BV collected information about this recent fire, focussed on fire fighting operations, communication during the incident, fire development in the tunnel and the performance of tunnel safety measures like escape doors, ventilation system and tunnel lining.

The Fire Departments Investigation Team collected information in the tunnel, about the origin and specific development of the fire, the performance of the tunnel safety measures, like escape doors and fire fighting equipment.

The Ministry collected data from the traffic cameras in the tunnel. These cameras recorded the accident, large parts of the evacuation and the fire fighting efforts.

The Fire Department, the Ministry and the Police collected information about the tunnel safety measures. They also collected data about the incident management by debriefing the Fire- and Police officers and traffic managers involved in rescue, fire fighting, communications and traffic management. This was done in a round table discussion with all first responders involved (Leertafel).

Efectis NL collected data on the development of the fire, the fire load of the truck and the structural damage to the tunnel and estimated the Heat Release Rate during the fire.