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Many European tunnels need significant renovations. Because of the sheer volume and complexity of the work, issues need to be addressed on a European scale. That is why the COB network carries out many international activities.

WTC 2019, Naples

The COB was also present at the World Tunnel Congress in Naples, 3-9 May 2019. The abstract about the Dutch tunnel program was accepted: The tunnel program of the Netherlands – the second year of less hindrance and more value. The opportunity was also used to organize a workshop about a position paper on tunnels. As infrastructural nodes, tunnels are of great importance in Europe and should therefore be on the priority list for European funds. The tunnel community has composed a position paper that outlines the challenges we are facing and explains why funded research is necessary and urgent. 
>> Download abstract (pdf, 130 KB)
>> Download the paper (pdf, 345 KB)

Visit Asfinag April 2019

The Austrian tunnel organization Asfinag has renovated a large number of tunnels in a short period of time. This successful approach is very interesting for all parties in the Netherlands and Flanders who have to carry out major renovation programs and face the same challenges. On April 17 and 18 2019, experts from Asfinag visited the COB to share their knowledge.
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WTC 2018, Dubai

Three research projects of the COB network were presented at the WTC2018 in Dubai 

  • Tuesday 24th, Sheikh Maktoum A, 2:20-2:40 PM – Karin de Haas, Long-term vision and working program on tunnels in the Netherlands
    >> Download presentation (pdf, 3.4 MB)
  • Tuesday 24th, Sheikh Maktoum B, 2:40-3:00 PM – Paul Janssen, Working towards a zero-energy tunnel – technical, contractual, and process solutions
  • Each conference day from 3 PM you could visit the poster presentation of Hans de Man about the digital tunnel twin

In total, six papers were submitted:

  1. Energy reduction in tunnels (pdf, 410 KB)
  2. Long-term vision on tunnels in the Netherlands (pdf, 330 KB)
  3. The digital tunnel twin (pdf, 320 KB)
  4. The real-life expectancy of tunnels (pdf, 310 KB)
  5. Adaptable construction and renovation of tunnels (pdf, 460 KB)
  6. The future of technical installations in tunnels (pdf, 200 KB)

In collaboration with BESIX and KIVI, the COB hosted a networking event at the WTC Dubai 2018. At this gathering, the guests talked some more about the topics of our presentations: digital tunnel twins, tunnel renovations, energy reduction, and long-term visions on tunnels.