To properly determine the civil engineering scope of the renovation, it is essential to have the best possible insight into the condition and deformation behaviour of the tunnel. To develop this knowledge, it is important to start monitoring in a more structured way, so that there is more and better data with which to conduct research. To this end, the COB network develops a monitoring strategy.

The monitoring strategies offers support in preparing a monitoring system in a tunnel, in the run-up to the subsequent process of data analysis, data interpretation, conducting a condition determination of the tunnel and predicting future behaviour. This strategy is intended to support decision making on what needs to be monitored, how the monitoring should be conducted and at what frequency the monitoring should be carried out. The initial goal is to collect data for scientists (including the PhD, PDeng and MSc students) to analyse the essence of monitoring. The results of these studies will provide a better underpinning of the behaviour of tunnels and increase the usability of this strategy for maintenance purposes.

Version 1 of the strategy is published in October 2022. The scope is currently limited to deformation(s) of the construction(s) and joints of immersed tunnels, considering both new construction and existing tunnels. Expansion with data processing, lessons learned and other tunnel types (such as bored tunnels and land tunnels) is planned for subsequent versions.
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